Figure8 Publicity for Labels and Artists

Figure8 Agency’s concert promotion efforts has helped new and established artists develop and reconnect with their fans within the SEA market. Through a series of specially curated Marketing & PR campaigns, artists have noted a significant increase in their brand representation in the region over time.

As a result, Figure8 Agency developed the idea to extend its core business to focus on helping international artists ‘break” into the Asian market. Figure8 Publicity will provide a doorway into Asia for the best and most unique musical acts – approved and specially handpicked by a core team of dedicated music-lovers who have spent more than two decades in the business. At its very heart, Figure8 is passionate about sharing good music with the world, overcoming cultural barriers, blurring the lines of genres and overcoming expectations, to do so.




For more information or any queries, please e-mail us at [email protected].