The Trees & The Wild – Perth Festival 2018

Post-rock Indonesian band The Trees and the Wild (aka TREES & WILD) formed in West Java have been making waves since their inception in the early noughties. While deeply rooted in folk, the band has built a unique sound inherently inspired by experimental noise, ambient post-rock elements, moody electronica and world music influences.  Though frontman Remedy Waloni once described the band as having a “sombre tropical” sound, claims of ‘organic texture’ amongst a ‘cinematic roar’ have equally had its place in the band’s description.

We are proud to announce that The Trees and The Wild will be performing in Perth Festival 2018 alongside Brazil’s FingerFingerrr and led by Australian power group Tropical F*** Storm this 23rd February at Chevron Gardens.

We interviewed Remedy from The Trees & The Wild about their debut in Australia and plans for a new album, and here’s what he has to say: 

  1. Firstly, Are you excited for your debut in Australia, Perth? R:Yes i am excited to play our first show in Australia. We’ve never played there before so i hope we can make the most of it by giving a good show
  2. As Australia is a new territory for you, how would you describe your music performance to someone who has never seen you onstage? R: I guess our show is not that typical “festival” punch your fist to the sky-singalong type of show. We try to incorporate “hyperactive” lightings to complement the wall of sound that we try to make in hopes that people can relate to the music easier.
  3. You’ve released 2 EPs and 2 albums, what is your favourite song you released and why? R: Actually it’s quite hard to choose a favorite song cause it is like choosing your favorite child. But i think the songs on Zaman, Zaman are a collection of songs that we are proud of the most. Cause we try to make it the best thing we’ve ever made at that time.
  4. What inspired the making of Zaman Zaman? R: I guess living in Jakarta and learning new technologies and new ways in making music. Working in a factory in the industrial area in Jakarta really affected me, the mood and decision making in the music. Making music not to please anyone else than yourself and using it to enlight and help get through hard times.
  5. How do you come up with new songs as a band and how do you improve a song together? R: Sometimes i will write a half wrote songs or maybe a fully developed songs then i will take it to the other guys and try to get a feedback of mood and energy when we play together.
  6. Are there any plans for a new album? R: There are but maybe we would like to try other things like working with other artists. Cause recently I have been collaborating a lot and it feels refreshing.
  7. What is the weirdest or funniest question you’ve been asked at an interview? R: What does The Trees & The Wild mean?

You can catch The Trees & The Wild at Chevron House on 23rd February 2018!