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The Trees and The Wild (ID)

 Biography: Indonesia’s The Trees and the Wild have a sound that can tie your brain up in knots while you try to classify it, but it will always sooth your ears and lift your spirit. Frontman Remedy Waloni once described his band as “somber tropical”. The music is really more ethereal than somber. The tropical feeling is definitely there, but, again, it’s hard to pin down. Maybe it’s in the gentleness of their melodies. Their dreamy moments are soft and caressing like warm air and warm water and there’s more to them than their name that seems close to nature. There’s also the complex and organic texture in their music and the patience that reveals itself in each song. On stage, the band creates a wall of sound that pulls the audience into trance. While deeply rooted in folk, the band has built a unique sound inherently inspired by experimental noise, ambient post-rock elements, moody electronica and world music influences. The Trees and The Wild are Remedy Waloni, Andra Budi Kurniawan, Charita Utami, Hertri Nur Pamungkas and Tyo Prasetya. The band formed in Bekasi, Indonesia in 2005.


Rasuk, Lil’ fish Records, 2010

SEA Absolute Indie Compilation (‘Malino’), Oct 2011 by Music Services Asia

Zaman, Zaman by Blank Orb Recordings, 2016

Press quotes:

“I knew that I’d just listened to one of the greatest records of Indonesian music; to call it a classic would not be a misnomer. TTATW didn’t just make a perfect record in seven years where two full decades would do. They lived up to their ambition and, in doing so, both answered and shattered our expectations.”

“4.5 stars out of 5 stars The Trees & The Wild mengambil risiko besar dengan merombak total warna musik yang membuat nama mereka terdengar, namun risiko itu layak diambil jika bisa menghasilkan karya memukau seperti Zaman, Zaman.”

“And the result is a work of majesty that compounds elements of folk, ambient, and post-rock to create a cohesive, resounding, sonic experience that envelops you whole.”

“The hushed opening swells of this title track build up to a thrashing restlessness and a haunting vocality — a stark contrast to the visceral fierceness of the band’s prowess onstage. The track is understated but elegantly dreamy.”

“The track is elegant and hauntingly beautiful, with a touch of ambient and eerie vocal. Gloomy yet so magnificent.”

“An album such as this will never be a passé, rather bands in the region should aspire to reach the level of craftsmanship that The Trees & The Wild has produced in Zaman, Zaman. To claim a piece of work as profound might be a great exaggeration but after you listen to Zaman, Zaman by The Trees & The Wild, you’ll understand why.”

“The result is a masterful record, steeped in unconventional and eerie production. As the tracks take us from one lush, atmospheric soundscape to another, a narrative of lost time and profound emotions emerges, soundtracking the cinematic grandeur of life with sombre anthems.
Immensely powerful and cathartic, Zaman Zaman is an experience not to be missed.”

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